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Internet of things brings several benefits to lots of organizations across the world. Whether it’s a business entity, an industry or mass market – connected devices are making their entry everywhere.

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Need of LORA Technology for Smart Cities

LoRa is an acronym for Long Range Radio. The main intent of this technology or the target network of this wireless technology is IoT networks. LoRa technology offers a perfect solution as it addresses huge demands pertaining to the increasing requirements of IoT end devices including low-power for battery operation, long-range connectivity requirements and low infrastructure cost for volume deployment. LoRa is the best solution for low-power consuming applications and battery operated sensors. In other words, LoRa technology fulfills the requirements of smart city by offering LoRa sensors and automated products and applications.

LoRa Alliance is an open and a non-profit association that comprises prospective members like Cisco, SingTel, Semtech, Swisscom, IBM, SingTel, KPN, etc.

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Staff Augmentation Services

KernelSphere Technologies Staff Augmentation Services provide skilled personnel help you develop, manage and support your valuable applications.

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KernelSphere Technologies have trained support professionals to deliver brand-agnostic support across various products, services and technologies.

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KernelSphere’s professional and certified project managers have seen all the intricacies & complexities along with the security management issues.

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Our remote management, monitoring and support services give you competitive business advantage of less revenue spending and IT expenditure.

Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud

SMAC Services is a new enterprise IT model that blends social, mobile, data analytics and cloud technologies to improve business competitiveness.

Big Data Analytics

KernelSphere enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well thought out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas.

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Rajesh Bhaskaran

GM-IT, Granules India Limited
KernelSphere did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them. A team full of cutting edge talent, dedication and passion to provide IT solutions. It allows us to focus on what to do.

Joyce Herrera

CFO, Washington DC

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