About Hadoop

Hadoop training in Hyderabad: Hadoop is an open source Java based programming framework for storing and processing of large sets of data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It enables organization to quickly gain visualization from large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

It provides Computing power, high Fault tolerance, high Flexibility, low cost and scalability. It’s a part of the Apache project sponsored by  the Apache software foundation.

About Training:

Kernel Sphere is one of the best Hadoop training institute in Hyderabad. We are specialized in providing both the online and offline training. We are the Best Hadoop training institute in Ameerpet,Hyderabad. We have excellent training and lab faculty, to train the candidates. We provide full freedom to the candidate to explore and learn the maximum from the subject with the help of areal time expert.

We provide study material prepared by the trainers, to help students in clearing all doubts and to get upgraded with the missed topics.The Candidate can raise their doubts during class and get cleared. We are the only Hadoop software training institute in Ameerpet to provide this service in an affordable cost. We provide complete assistance in preparing interview question and answers, to build confidence in a candidate for facing interview and to get the job of their choice.

Hadoop Pre-requisite:

  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands.
  • Basic knowledge of handling big data
  • Familiarity with Java programming language.

Target Audience:  

The demand for Hadoop knowledge is required for these professionals.

  • Data Management Professionals
  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Anyone with a genuine interest in Big Data Analytics
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Graduates looking to build a career in Big Data Analytics
  • Project Managers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Aspiring Data Scientists

Hadoop Course Target: 

  • Learn how to write MapReduce code.
  • Understand internals of HDFS and MapReduce.
  • Understand Hadoopalgorithms, debugginganddevelopment and execution of workflows.
  • Write and execute joins to link data sets in MapReduce.
  • Comprehend Advanced Hadoop API topics.
  • Build custom components such as InputFormats and WritableComparables to administer complex data types.
  • Sqoop, Flume, leverage Hive, Pig, Oozie, and other Hadoop ecosystem projects.

Course Features:

Course duration: 30 Days


Hadoop course in Hyderabad, is designed by our well qualified, certified professionals from reputed institutes. Our trainers have enough experience in teaching and  worked on many real time projects in MNC’s.

Our trainers main aim is to build a strong basic foundation of the student. Our trainers are always shows their completeability to deliver their best presentation to understand subject clearly.

Lab Infrastructure:

Our Lab is fully equipped with latest infrastructure with Power 6 and IBM X-series dual Xeon Based servers, EMC Clarion, Netapp Unified Storage, Brocade FC switches, Cisco FC switches, Cisco L4 switch, and all the servers are integrated with SAN. All the servers are monitored by Nagios monitoring agent with the OTRS ticketing system.

We provideHadoop realtime training course in Hyderabad.All the students will have an individual access to the servers through thin clients remotely. Students will be exposed to the real time scenarios through which they can get good exposure on the subject. We are the bestHadoop coaching centers in Hyderabad. To help the student in their practical sessions, there will be lab faculties available all the time.


We are the only provider of Hadoop classes and courses in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.Which provides Hadoop certification training in Hyderabad as a course completion certificate. Certification ensures that candidate is capable of handling and responsible for handling of the huge data.

Big organizations are looking for the certified professionals because they can’t hire anyone as Hadoop admin or a developer. Because they are responsible for maintaining the huge amount of important data. The hope of getting a job for the certified professional is high, when compared with the uncertified peer andthey will offer extra package.

Career Opportunities:

After getting certified from Hadoop training in Ameerpet. You will get lots of opportunities to get hired in any organization. With the advancement in technology the data associated with also increases and its high need to maintain it.

The demand of this professional is high in the market, especially in the big organization where the data are continuously coming from various sources.