Security System

State-of-the-art Security systems ensure secured delivery of data through a public network to companies, hospitals and residential areas including homes.

Fixed Monitoring Sensor

Fixed monitoring sensor helps prevent valuable assets from being stolen and thus minimizes public safety concerns due to theft.

Asset Tracker

Helps in tracking the locations of both public and private assets with multi-purpose tracking,collect data on its usage and whereabouts.

Electronic Scooter Tracker

In an electric scooter – it is an in-built tracker for monitoring. This notifies the user when scooter moves without being started by engine or when the scooter moves across electric fence.

Water Quality Monitor

This measures the quality of water by measuring the parameters like the taste, presence of salt, salinity, odour, dissolved oxygen and temperature–besides,it can be remotely monitored.

Manhole Detection

This is quite helpful as it not only detects the manholes, but also protects the underground pipelines like cables, gas pipes and power lines and thus helps prevent road accidents.

Agriculture Management

Better control on the environmental factors like lighting, temperature, humidity and the factors related to soil like moisture, fertilizers and water status based on scientific aspects is possible with this system Ensures the right way of Agriculture

Air Quality Monitor

Smart air quality monitoring systems monitors the presence of particulate matter in the air by measuring particle mass (PM) and thus helps in controlling the emission of industrial gases like CO, CO2, NO2 and SO2 under strict emission surveillance program.

Smart Parking

Smart parking ensures that vehicles are parked optimizing the usage of parking space and improving the parking operations efficiency. It also ensures smooth flow of traffic in the city –which is based on the next generation smart parking.

Automatic Meter Reading

Remote controlling (reading & control) of specific parameters like the supply of electricity, water, gas and heat is possible with better services for applications.

Equipment Monitor

Ensures monitoring of equipment data with the LPWAN high sensitivity features and delivers data even if the equipment is in the basement,and thus helps to store the vital information

Smart Street Lights

Street lights can be made intelligent by placing cameras or sensors, Dimming control, switch on/off control for energy saving, maintenance warning, Reduction of light pollution,Energy savings