Linux Certification Training


Linux Certification Training

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LINUX 22-Jul-17 08:30
LINUX 22-Jul-17 09:00
VMware 22-Jul-17 11:00
NetApp 22-Jul-17 11:00
EMC-SAN 22-Jul-17 10:00
PYTHON 24-Jul-17 11:30
CEH 24-Jul-17 15:00
AWS 24-Jul-17 16:00
IOT 24-Jul-17 10:00
AWS 24-Jul-17 07:00
LINUX 24-Jul-17 10:00
HADOOP 24-Jul-17 08:00

Entire Course Will be taught on two versions of Linux 6 & 7
Introduction to Linux
History of UNIX & Linux
Basic Concepts of Operating System

File System of Linux
Creating, Removing, Copying, Moving files & Directories
File Permissions

Intermediate Command Line tools
Soft link & hard links
Introduction to VIM
Basic VIM workflow

Regular Expressions, Pipelines & I/O Redirections
Using Grep
Pipelines & Redirections
Basic Regular Expressions

Linux Installation 6 & 7
Installation of Linux Graphically
Kick Start Installation
Network Installation (using ftp, NFS & HTTP)
Combining kick start & NIW installation
User & Group Administration
Creating & Deleting Users
Modifying Users Profile
Files related to User Administration
Creating & Removing Groups
Adding & Removing Users to Groups

Controlling Access to Files
Applying File System Access Control List (ACL)
Restricting a particular user to use a file or directory
Making a partition acl enabled

Managing SELinux
Basic SELinux Security Concepts in RHEL 6 & 7
SELinux Models
Display & Modify SELinux Models
Display & Modify SELinux File Context

Managing Partitions & File Systems in RHEL 6 & 7
Diff type of FS like ext3, ext4 in Xfs.
Simple Partition & File System
Enabling Data Privacy with Partition Encryption
Managing Swap Space
Increasing & Decreasing swap spaces
Mounting a File system & Making it Permanent
Integrating Linux with NetApp, SAN
How to work with SAN FC & iSCSI-SAN (IP SAN) Disk
ISCSI on Linux to get disk from NetApp

Logical Volume Management
Components of LVM
Implementation of LVM Storage
Creating Volume Groups & Logical Volumes
Extend a Logical Volume
Extending & reducing a Volume Group
Performing LVM Graphically
FS Related issues in Real time

Network Configuration & Trouble Shooting
Introduction to Networking
Understanding Network Configuration Files
Assigning IP Address

Introduction to connections in RHEL 7
Creating, Modifying, Deleting connections.
Introduction to hostname ctl command in RHEL 7

Job Automation
Using Cron jobs
Using At Jobs
Restricting Users from using Cron jobs
Real time usage of corn, various examples

Network File Services (NFS)
Demons and workflow of NFS demons
Configuring NFS server
Mounting NFS Directory on Clients
Auto mounting NFS

DNS Server
Configuring DNS Server
Adding clients to DNS Server
Client side configuration

Mail Server
Configuring postfix & Dovecot
MX record in DNS

DHCP Server

Proxy Server

VNC Server
Creating user access through VNC
Logging into server through VNC client

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Using FTP
Configuring FTP for anonymous users
Configuring FTP for upload files
Configuring FTP for Downloading files
Restricting Users for FTP

SAMBA Server
Configuring SAMBA service for file sharing with Windows
Connecting SAMBA server from Windows Client
Connecting SAMBA server from Linux client

Web Server
Configuring Apache web server
Redirecting the website
Virtual web hosting
Port Based web hosting
Name based web hosting

Managing Process
Monitoring Processes
Terminating & Governing Processes
Setting up Priority of the Process
Lisage of Top command

Boot Process
Boot Process of RHEL 6 / RHEL 7
Repairing Boot Issues of RHEL 6 / RHEL 7
Introduction to targets in RHEL 7

Recovering Root Password
Recovering the Super user Password in RHEL 6 / 7
Recovering Boot Loader in RHEL 6/7

Managing Installed Services
Introduction to System ctl command in RHEL 7
Starting, stopping, reloading & refreshing service
Managing Services
Confirm Service Availability
Making service enabled & disabled or various run levels

Accessing a Remote System
Using SSH
Generating Keys
Copying Pub Keys using “ssh-copyid” command
Password Less Logging between two Systems
Usage of SSH in real time

Enhanced User Security
Configuring SUDO
Limiting SUDO Users
Checking logs of SUDO users, Real time issues & usage.

Disabling USB & CD Rom Drivers
Blacklisting & Disabling USB
Blacklisting & Disabling CD-ROM

Backup & Restore
Backing up data using tar
Applying gzip on tar file
Uncompressing tar and gzip files

Installing Software
Using rmp command
Using yum command
creating yum repository
configuring yum server
configuring yum clients

Installing Power path Software
To deal with SAN Disks
How disk are handled in Power Path
Multipath & load balancing concept
Real time issues

Introduction to Firewalled in RHEL 7
adding service & port in firewall
making a rule permanent


PYTHON 22-Jun-17 15:30
VMware 09-Jul-17 07:30
CEH 09-Jul-17 10:00
IBM-AIX 09-Jul-17 11:00
EMC-SAN 10-Jul-17 09:00
AWS 10-Jul-17 16:00

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