Low Power

The rate of data is usually around a few hundred or less. The rate depends on applications. Owing to the low power consumption, the lifespan of the battery is more than 10 years.

High Penetration

The penetration power of LPWAN gateways is quite amazing as it can penetrate deep into the ground as well as inside building – thus it is able to connect to sensors anywhere outside,inside or underground.

Low Cost

Several hundreds and thousands of devices are served by Base Stations – thus requiring less base stations and low infrastructure cost.

High Sensitivity

Its unique ability of filtering out constant ramp chirp signal while delivering long-distance data helps achieve high-interference immunity.

Long Range

The range is quite long (5 – 15 Km) depending on the environment – owing to which it provides better coverage both in urban and rural areas.

Low Data Rate

The data transfer rate is quite low (less than 5000 bits per second). Therefore, only 25 – 256 bytes per message are sent several times a day.