Prognosis for IoT


PROGNOSIS OF INTERNET OF THINGS IoT is the most significant technology that is ruling technology news nowadays. Smart devices that can act according to the situation are actually intelligent devices that are main subject of IoT and it is poised that number of such devices would be connected to IoT in future.  According to Gartner […]


Introduction to the Internet of Things

IoT Concept and definition: Internet of things or IoT is an emerging technology that works on the autonomous operation of the things or IoT devices without a lot of human interaction. Internet of things commonly called as IoT was invented by Peter T. Lewis in September 1985 in a speech at U.S Federation Communications Commissions […]


The Five Phases of Ethical Hacking

There are Five Phase of Hacking. 1. Reconnaissance 2. Scanning 3. Gaining Access 4. Maintaining Access 5. Clearing Track Reconnaissance Reconnaissance refer to the preparatory phase of Hacking. In this phase attacker gathers as much information as possible about the target prior to lunching the attack. The challenges for attacker is to show competitive intelligence […]