Internet of Things Wearables in Market

Internet of Things Wearables in Market In this tech-savvy era all of us wait for new gadgets with more advanced features and uses. IoT technology is providing lots of smart gadgets. Some of them are wearables and some are smart home gadgets. The Internet of Things is mutating   every part of our life: the home, […]

IoT Enabled Cars

New Generation Connected Cars based on IoT Technology

Connected cars are of the upcoming IoT applications. Connected cars are equipped with Internet access to share every information inside and outside the car. Connected cars have inbuilt   Internet and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Connected can accesses and share information with other vehicles. Connected cars are the autonomous vehicles that are designed using […]

Enumeration Techniques Hackers

Latest Enumeration Techniques : Hackers Practice

Lets understand … What is Enumeration ? Enumeration is the technique to scan network a target network to gather information on Users, Mechines, Network Resources, shares and services. This phase is making itself unique with its attack methodologies.( Eg: Attacker creates a active connection to gain more information about the target.). Enumeration helps attacker to […]