Introduction about shell-scripting

An introduction about Shell Scripting ?

Shell Scripting Shell Scripting is an Open-Source Operating System. What is Shell Scripting? In Linux, shells like bash and korn support programming construct which are saved as scripts.These scripts become shell commands and hence many Linux commands are a script. A System Administrator should have a little knowledge about scripting to understand how their servers […]

Different Types of Sensors use in IoT


Sensors are a key for Internet of Things network which is highly used in Smart city and Smart grid design. A sensor is basically used to collects the data to detect any changes in the physical device. It continuously monitors the things and sends a notification to an authorized person.

NHS CyberAttack

NHS Hacked – Full list of Hospitals targeted by ‘Ransom ware ‘ Cyber Attack

NHS Hacked – full list of Hospitals targeted by ‘Ransomware ‘ CyberAttack NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS foundation Trust are both featured on the list. Earlier today hundreds of computers across the NHS network fell victim to a ransomware ‘ hack. The Software renders computers unusable, either through freezing […]

Linux is an Operating System (OS). We all are familiar with other operating systems like Microsoft windows, Apple Mac OS, IOS, Google Android, etc just like them Linux is also an operating system.

What is Linux OS (Linux Operating System)

An operating system is a software that enables communication between computer hardware and software. It conveys input to get processed by the processor and brings output to the hardware to display it. This is the basic functions of an operating system. Although, it performs many other important tasks, let’s not talk about that. Linux is around us since mid 90’s. It can be used from wristwatches to supercomputers. It is everywhere in our Phones, Laptops, PC’s cars and even in refrigerators.It is very much famous among the developers and normal computers users.

IoT Security - Challenges and Concerns

IoT Security: Challenges and Concerns

IoT Security Internet of Things or IoT is a big buzz in nowadays technology market. Big Companies like Google, Apple, Cisco, IBM, and Intel etc. are investing a lot in IoT applications and Cloud Platforms. Also, there are lots of Startup companies that are investing in IoT applications and lots of R&D is being done […]