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AWS Certification Training

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AWS training in Hyderabad: Amazon Web Services provides anextensive,cost effective and secure cloud computing service platform. Which offers compute power, content delivery, database storage, bandwidth and customized support for application programming interfaces to assist organizations scale and grow.

It is used to build sophisticated applications with enhanced scalability, flexibility and reliability. It satisfies the customers by offering faster time to market, no need for capEx, pay for what you use, true elastic capacity and focus on core competency.

About AWS Training in Hyderabad: 

Kernel Sphere is specialized in delivering the online and offline training. We are based on Amazon web services, training institutes in Hyderabad. We aim to provide quality service at an affordable cost. We don’t prepared candidates just for getting a certification, we focus to build a strong foundation for the student in their specified field.

We provide excellent AWS training in Hyderabad. We have well qualified professional trainer, who share their experience with the students and help them to build the sound knowledge of the subject. All the AWS classes in Hyderabadarelive interactive session with the student.We provide complete study material and excellent lab facility to assist the candidate in preparing for the course.

AWS Pre-requisite: 

  • Familiarity with distributed systems
  • Knowledge of general networking concepts
  • Knowledge of cloud computing concepts
  • Familiarity with multi tier architectures 

Target Audience: 

  • Solution Design Engineers
  • Solutions Architects 

AWS Course Target: 

  • Differentiate AWS Storage options.
  • Create an Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket
  • Identify strategies and concepts concern to the AWS platform
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console
  • Learn the security measures AWS provides
  • Identify AWS Compute and Networking choice and use the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Elastic Block Storage.
  • Determine Database options and Managed Services
  • Launch an Amazon Relational Database Service instance
  • Identify Management and Deployment options

Course Features:

Course duration: 30 days

About Faculty:

AWS course in Hyderabad is designed by our well qualified,certified professional, having good experience to manage any type of issues incurred in handling the cloud computing services. Our trainers are the working official from an MNC, they share their real time experience with the students to clear single doubt they encounter during the course.

Lab Infrastructure:

Our Lab is fully equipped with latest infrastructure with Power 6 and IBM X-series dual Xeon Based servers, EMC Clarion, Netapp Unified Storage, Brocade FC switches, Cisco FC switches, Cisco L4 switch, and all the servers are integrated with SAN. All the servers are monitored by Nagios monitoring agent with the OTRS ticketing system.

We provide the best AWS course in Ameerpet.All the students will have an individual access to the servers through thin clients remotely. Students will be exposed to the real time scenarios through which they can get good exposure on the subject.

We are the best AWS training in Ameerpet. To help the student in their practical sessions, there will be lab faculties available all the time.


We are the only AWS certification training in Hyderabad who provides course completion certificate at the end of the course. AWS certification is an organization recognized credential which ensures that the candidate has good technical skills and expertise to design, deploy and operate applications and infrastructure on AWS. It shows to the employers or recruiters and customers that you have the skills and expertise to create AWS solutions.

Career opportunities:

After getting AWS training in hyderabad, AWS certified professionals have a wide range of career opportunities in Amazon cloud computing services. Its branches spread all over the world. AWS companies looking for experienced technologists, who wish to help customers build awesome solutions to solve their business challenges.

AWS Concepts
AWS Architecture and Terminology
Compute and Networking Services
Storage and Content Delivery Services
Database Services
Analytics Services
App Services
Deployment Services
Management Services

Amazon IAM (Identity And Access Management)
IAM Essentials
IAM Best Practices For New Accounts
API Keys And Roles
IAM Policies
Log IAM Events With CloudTrail

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
AWS S3 Essentials
Getting Started
S3 Permissions
S3 Bucket/Object Versioning And LifeCycle Policies
Website Hosting With S3

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
EC2 Essentials
Understanding Reserved Instances
Selecting And Building EC2 Instances
EBS Volumes And Snapshots
Working With Public And Private IP Addresses
Cloud-init Userdata And Metadata
Security Groups
CloudWatch And EC2
EC2 Placement Groups
Serving Traffic To Private Web Servers

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)
RDS Essentials
Working With RDS
Subnet Groups
RDS Security Groups And Connecting To RDS From EC2

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) And Networking
Introduction To VPC And AWS Networking
Building A VPC From Scratch
VPC Networking
VPC Security
Configuring A NAT Instance
Extending The VPC To On-Premise Networks
VPC Peering

High Availability And Fault Tolerant Tools With EC2
Working With Amazon Machine Images (AMI’s)
ELB With High Availability Hands On
Applying Auto Scaling And ELB To Create High Availability And Fault Tolerance

AWS Direct Connect
Understanding AWS Direct Connect

Amazon Kinesis
Learning Amazon Kinesis
IOT Kinesis Example

Amazon Cloudfront
loudFront Essentials
Architecting Applications With CloudFront
Performance Considerations With CloudFront

Route 53
Route53 and DNS Failover
Latency Based Routing
Weighted Routing Policies In Route53

Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)
SNS Essentials
Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)
SQS Essentials
Using SQS To Build Decoupled Application Architectures

Amazon SWF (Simple Work Flow Service)
SWF Essentials

Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)
EMR Essentials

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk Essentials
Getting Started With Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon CloudFormation
CloudFormation Essentials
Building An S3 Bucket With CloudFormation

AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)
About The CLI And Getting Setup
AW CLI: Working With EC2
AW CLI: Working With S3

Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems

How To Design Cloud Services & Best Practices
Architectural Trade-Off Decisions
Elasticity And Scalability

Data Security
Security Architecture with AWS
Shared Security Responsibility Model And Attributes
AWS Platform Compliance And Security Services
Incorporating Common Conventional Security Products
DDoS Mitigation
Encryption solutions
Complex Access Controls
Amazon CloudWatch For The Security Architect

Recognize critical disaster recovery techniques and their implementation Disaster Recovery

EC2 Troubleshooting Scenarios
VPC Troubleshooting Scenarios
ELB Troubleshooting Scenarios
Auto Scaling Troubleshooting Scenarios



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