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Air Pollution: Internet of Things

Air Pollution Pollution is the most disconcerting menace across the world and is the most significant concern of public health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 5.5 million people die each year due to pollution alone. And, of course, it is the suffixing cause of death followed by heart disease and smoking. The major […]


IoT : How IoT Affects an Insurance Sector

How IoT Affects an Insurance Sector The internet of things (IoT) is a sophisticated network of objects embedded with electronics systems that enable them to collect and exchange data. IoT helps to collects and analyzes data about the policy holder which helps insurers customize shields of protection for each customer. Some auto and health insurers […]

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IoT for Electric Power : SMART GRID

IoT (Internet of Things) for Smart Grid : Smart grid plays an important role in modern smart technologies. An Internet of Thing (IoT) is basically used to improved the development and operation of smart grid such as Easy to Transfer of high volume Data Seamless and effective communication Energy saving and cost reduction Technically a […]

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Internet of Things : MILITARY SECTOR

An Internet of Things in Military specific sector provide higher efficiency and less cost investment in supply chain tracking and facilities management. The internet of things has of course an application for the army forces, from vehicle management to personal monitoring to stock control.

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Internet of Things : IoT in Banking Sector

IoT in Banking Sector Internet of things (IoT) includes anything and everything that is connected to the Internet and able to communicate and share information with several smart devices. A banking sector introduced the internet of things to improve risk management, reduce cost and increase operational efficiency in their premises. A banking sector can install […]