Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator


Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

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EC Council CHFI training in Hyderabad. The Computer hacking forensic investigation is the leading technologies in cyber crime/Forensic investigator field. It’s the process of exploring hacking attacks and properly finding evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.

This helps an organization to have repose without any fear of the hackers. This CHFI training in Ameerpet course requires to meet the CNSS 4011-4016 federal security certification training standards. This program covers complete tools and techniques covered in EC-council’s CHFI course in Hyderabad will prepare the student to conduct computer investigations using groundbreaking digital forensic technologies.

About Training:

KernelSphere is the leading institute in offering the demanding technical courses to the students by online and offline method. We focus on building the fundamental concepts of the students, instead of getting a certificate. We always provide quality service to the students at an affordable cost for this CHFI training in Ameerpet.

We have well qualified, certified professional to train the students. You don’t feel any regrets once you enroll for the course. You will get the complete study material prepared by our professional trainers in CHFI classes in Hyderabad.

We provide complete assistance to students to achieve the purpose for joining the CHFI course in Hyderabad. Even assist the students to prepare for the interview and grab the job of their interest after CHFI training in Ameerpet.

CHFI Pre-requisite:

It is recommended for this CHFI training in Ameerpet that you have

Familiarity with windows/Unix/Linux systems.
Knowledge on security concepts, different layers of TCP/IP protocol.
Target Audience:

Defense and military personnels
system administrators
E-Business security professionals
IT managers
Police and other law enforcement personnel
Government agencies
CHFI Course Target:

Master recover deleted files and deleted partitions.
Comprehend image file forensics, Application password crackers, steganography, forensics investigation using EnCase

We have well qualified, trained professional having enough experience in handling the real time projects for CHFI course in Ameerpet. They have good experience in maintaining the equal concentration among students, so that they can find the weak points of them and helps them to work on it.

Our trainer of CHFI training in Hyderabad have full patience to answer any questions until students gets. Our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator coaching center in Hyderabad, trainer deliver their best to assist the students in getting the job of their choice.


Certification is provided at the end of the course as course completion certificates. This certification will shows the application knowledge of system administrators, defence, law enforcement personnel, security officers, military personnel, defence, bankers, legal professionals, security professionals and anyone related to the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Career opportunities:

After getting certified for this CHFI training in Hyderabad, course number of career opportunities are waiting for the post of Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Security Trainer, Information Security Manager, Security Consultant, Information Security Analyst, Security Manager and similar jobs. Certified candidates help their employers identify and resolve high risk operating standards.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Course Outline

(Version 9)


  1. Module 01 Computer Forensics in Today’s World
  1. Module 02 Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  1. Module 03 Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
  1. Module 04 Data Acquisition and Duplication
  1. Module 05 Defeating Anti-forensics Techniques
  1. Module 06 Operating System Forensics (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  1. Module 07 Network Forensics
  1. Module 08 Investigating Web Attacks
  1. Module 09 Database Forensics
  1. Module 10 Cloud Forensics
  1. Module 11 Malware Forensics
  1. Module 12 Investigating Email Crimes
  1. Module 13 Mobile Forensics
  1. Module 14 Forensics Report Writing and Presentation

Tools Covered

Types Tools Name
Disk and File System Analysis
  1. WinHex
  2. The Sieuth Kit (TSK)
  3. Autopsy
Data Acquisition and Duplication
  1. DiskExplorer for NTFS
  2. AccessData FTK Imager
Operating System forensics
  1. OSforensics
  2. Process Explorer
  3. EventLog Explorer
  4. Helix Tool
  5. volatile data from linux machines using commandline
Network Forensics
  1. GFI EventsManager
  2. XpoLog Center Suite
  3. wireshark
Web Attack investigation
  1. SmartWhois Tool
  2. nslookup cmd.
Database Forensic
  1. Andriller
  2. SQLite
  3. MySQL Server
Cloud Forensic
  1. Dropbox investigation
  2. google drive investigation
Malware Forensic
  1. PEiD tool
  2. PEView Tool
  3. Strings
  4. Dependancy Walker
  5. IDA Pro
Email crime forensic
  1. Recover My Email
  2. Paraben’s Email Examiner
  3. eMailTrackerPro
Mobile forensic
  1. AccessData FTK Imager
  2. Investigating Android device using Andriller
Defeating Anti-forensic Techniques
  1. Passware kit forensic
  2. Stegspy
  3. Openstego

5 Amazing Forensic Tools - CHFI Demo Session


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