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Different Types of Sensors use in IoT


Sensors are a key for Internet of Things network which is highly used in Smart city and Smart grid design. A sensor is basically used to collects the data to detect any changes in the physical device. It continuously monitors the things and sends a notification to an authorized person.

Different sensors are used in different type of application. According to `to their users, a different IoT installation process is required. It increases the secure and easier life.

Temperature Sensors

The Temperature sensors are most commonly used in every IoT environment.  These sensors are manufacturing in such way that it continuously measure the temperature of the machine to ensure that a secure threshold voltage. It also used to track the temperature of the soil, water, and plants for better output.

Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor is basically used to detect motion and commonly used in a retail setting. A retailer can use customer proximity of the product to send all information directly to their Smartphone. Proximity sensors can also be used to monitor the parking space in the airport, railway station, malls and stadiums.

Pressure Sensors

A pressure sensor basically used to determine the flow of water through pipes and notified the authority when something needs. It also be used in an agriculture system to determine the water quality used by the farmer and also used in vehicles and aircraft to determine force and altitude.

Water Quality Sensor

Water quality sensor is used to determine the quality of water used in water purifiers systems in our home or office or industry. It continuously monitoring either the quantity of chlorine is high or low which increase the safety level in our day to day life.

Smoke and LPG Gas Sensor

Basically, these sensors are used in large buildings, office, hospitals, home and industries to protect from any unwanted accident due to the fire. It continuously monitors the temperature level and sends the information to the authorized persons.

Level Sensor

The level sensor is basically used to detect the level of liquid and fluids and powders that exhibit and the upper surface.

IR Sensor

An infrared sensor has several applications like determine heat in houses, monitor blood flow in human bodies; identify the pollution in the environment, the population in the industries.


An internet of things used a sensor for an input device. Through the sensor, we got the information about the things and send the details to the controller and through the controller, we control all the application which make the life is easier for us. Without the sensor, an internet of things cannot be work.







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