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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The industrial internet of things (IIOT) is developed to improved reliability, production and customer satisfaction. In simple meaning, IIOT connects all the industrial things like sensors, actuator, controller etc, with the computer system which is connected to the internet.

Nowadays more industries are implements the internet of things which provides smarter and faster business all over the world.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Major challenges of industrial internet of things

  • Identifying the things within the Internet
  • Managing massive amount of data
  • Integrating existing infrastructure into IIOT strategies
  • Power of cloud computing

Identifying The Things Within The Internet

The industrial of thing is the major advantage of IoT technology. Through the IoT network, all the machine or devices are connected in the industry. Thus this system is able to collect every information about all the machines by continuously monitoring through different IoT sensors. It is also used to analyze exchange and deliver valuable data or information about the things between the industry and customer.

Managing  Massive Amount of Data

As we know through the industrial internet of things, all the machines or device of industry are connected so it helps to change the way of industries work. It collects all the data about the things like providing real-time production data, detects any correction required in the machine, controls all the software using industry, protects from cyber attacks, carries all the information about the workers etc. As a single network is capable of storing and managing all the information about the industry so it becomes easier to access which increases more flexibilities to work in industry.

Managing Massive Amount of Data


Integrating Existing Infrastructure Into IIOT Strategies

By using the machine-2-machine(M2M) communication, big data analytics technology, cyber security, HMI and SCADA the industrial internet of things providing a higher level of efficiency, productivity and performance in the industry. As the result, different industries like Power, Energy, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare are built major operational and financial benefits in their industry.

Power of Cloud Computing

A cloud computing is referred as a place where  you can access apps and services and where your data can be stored securely by using cloud computing in industry you manage your sales and customer service functions, make video conference with your colleagues on Skype etc. also you can build a real-time employee apps and run them in cloud. The most common advantage of cloud computing is you can easily access cloud-based application and services from anywhere and it is effectively infinite in size.


The industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) is changing the face of the industry in the world. As the technology increases the industrial Internet of Things introduces much smart technology, many protocols which are used to overcome many challenges in the industry. Thus it provides a smarter and faster economic growth of business all over the world.




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