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Internet of Things : MILITARY SECTOR

Internet of Things : Military Sector- KernelSphere Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT): Military Sector

Internet of things(IoT) is such a technology which is also known as Internet of Everything, Machine-2-Machine, objector Embedded &Ambient Computing system where IoT is basically about connecting Se objects into a larger network.

An Internet of Things in Military specific sector provide higher efficiency and less cost investment in supply chain tracking and facilities management. The internet of things has of course an application for the army forces, from vehicle management to personal monitoring to stock control.

By taking the advantage of IoT the department of defense and army service branches will get a highly flexible and responsive network that can deal with limited bandwidth frequency.

IOT                     IoT : Military Sector


Efficient Tools Management

A military sector uses several types of tools likes’ gun, tanks, and cartridges etc. It is very difficult that our soldiers for manually monitoring all the equipment thus with the help of RFID tracker, it became easier to monitor all the tools with real-time visibility.

A RFID tracker is continuously monitoring all the equipment and alert the concerned team is shipped, transferred, deployed or consumed of any tools. Thus IoT reduces losses and theft of military equipment and increases the flexibility in the military sector.

Smart Remote Training

By implementing IoT technology, There is not required the trainers or soldiers on the field to get trained through in the real world battle.  The shoot houses use in military having cameras and monitor sensors which continuously monitoring the soldiers during a training exercise and send the alert information to the coaches who train the soldiers. Also, it sends the video format of training period for view the soldiers performance.

Monitoring War fighter’s Health

An IoT uses a wide range of sensor attached to soldiers clothes or wearable which sense the data and alert the concerned team about any changes in health condition. Thus the doctors are able to know about the injured warfighters through sensors and based on information immediate action could be arranged in advance.

Monitoring War fighter’s Health

IoT Network For Data Warfare

An IoT sensor takes data from thousands of sensors, radars, and satellites and converted that data into military systems to interact and engage the threat. To use IoT in a military sector to collect Intelligence and identifies key threats is faster with large accuracy.


Implementing IoT technology in military sector is improve command and control of combined operations in logistics support, targeting the monitoring of vehicle and soldiers status in the battlefield and also monitoring the health condition.

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