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IoT for Electric Power : SMART GRID

Smart - Grid -KernelSphere Technologies

IoT (Internet of Things) for Smart Grid :

Smart grid plays an important role in modern smart technologies. An Internet of Thing (IoT) is basically used to improved the development and operation of smart grid such as

  • Easy to Transfer of high volume Data
  • Seamless and effective communication
  • Energy saving and cost reduction

Technically a smart grid is the combination of a number of a smart object like smart appliances, smart meters, Actuators, and sensors, etc. Thus, a smart grid defined as the power grid integrated with a large network. It also able to optimize the capability of assets of the power system.


SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY-KernelSphere Technologies

There are five fundamental technology is used to derived the smart grid technology

  • Integrated communications
  • Smart Power Meters
  • Intelligent Appliances
  • Smart Substations
  • Super Conducting Cables

Integrated communications

The key component of smart grid technology is integrated communications. It must be faster enough to real-time needs of the system. Depending upon the requirement, many different technologies are used in smart grid communication like Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), wireless, cellular, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).


Integrated Communications 1 - KernelSphere Technologies

Smart Power Meter

The smart meters provide two-way communication between power providers and the end user consumers to automatic billing data collections, detect device failures and dispatch repair crews to the exact location in a faster manner.

Smart Power Meter - KernelSphere Technologies

Intelligent Appliances

 Intelligent appliances have capable of deciding when to consume energy based on customer pre-set preferences. This can use for reducing peak loads, which have an impact on electricity generation costs. For example, smart sensors, like temperature sensor, which is used in thermal stations to control the boiler temperature based on predefined temperature levels.

Smart Substations

Substations are included monitoring and control non-critical and critical operational data such as power status, power factor performance, breaker, security, transformer status, etc. Substations are used to transform voltage at several times in many locations, that providing safe and reliable delivery of energy. Smart substations are also necessary for splitting the path of electricity flow into many directions. Substations require large and very expensive equipment to operate, including transformers, switches, capacitor banks, circuit breakers, a network protected relays and several others.

Smart Substations KernelSphere Technologies

Super Conducting Cables

 These are used to provide long distance power transmission, and automated monitoring and analysis tools capable of detecting faults itself or even predicting cable and failures based on real-time data weather.

Super Conducting Cables - KernelSphere Technologies


Smart grid plays a very important role in modern smart world technology. By using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in various sectors, we can create different intelligence services. The development of most aspects of the smart grid would be enhancing by integrating an IoT technology. Thus, it increases the flexibility of consumer as well as service provider.


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