A. Hardware – Sensor, PCB board, Manual

KernelSphere metes out customer needs with customized device services. KernelSphere is specialized in developing POC as per customer requirement that on successful approval can result in building the device for the Customer. KernelSphere is expertise & well experienced in developing & delivering device hardware & software to the customers at ease.

  • IoT is a system ofmachines/objects outfitted with data-collecting technologies
  • Cloud connected embedded systems connect directly/indirectly to internet by cloud-computing resources.
  • Passives & Connectors altering towards new innovative IoT project demands.
  • Cost effective towards easy availability of IoT Hardware.
    Wide connectivity Range & Frequency with low power & data consumption.
  • Build solutions with discrete components to design varied modules.
    Onboard application development platforms and storage drive intelligence & decision making closer to the device.
  • Manage the ability to provision, update and control access of devices to the system.

B. Network IoT Gateway

KernelSphere has expertise engineers for installation and maintenance of Gateway for IoT devices for deploying and providing LoRA gateway Solutions.

  • Gateways may be otherwise known as LoRA Network Hubs that best suits in IoT device connectivity.
  • IoT gateway aggregates, translates & processes between sensor data & protocols.
  • Gatewaysconnect the IoT devices via specific protocols, store and parse the information.
  • Gateways send the information to cloud servers for processing & analytics.
  • Gateways consolidate data from multiple nodes to handle parallel streams.
  • Gateways are marvels of increasing collocation, concentration & centralization.
  • IoT Gateways enable easy installation, cost effective & highly secured with 3-layered security.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) access visualizes data from connected devices & gateways providing information on the quality of network.
  • Low power & data consumption with wide range connectivity enables Gateways to function uninterruptedly even in remote locations.

C. IoT Manpower – for deployment

KernelSphere has a team of L3 Engineers for IoT, Onsite and Remote support. Besides that, we have a pool of IoT trained resources right from Diploma to Engineering for various IoT Services to clients. KernelSphere has its own Training Division for IoT that trains freshers and existing Professionals into the IoT Resources. KernelSphere also runs an IoT Lab at various universities so we can give MNC trained fresher IoT resources too.

  • Strategic planning is the most vital step on the pathway to success.
    Simplify the management of endpoints and devices on the network to accomplish the business goals.
  • Trusted connectivity and security ensure the integrity of the network and system in both directions.
  • Protocol and Data Bridge translates and transfer data among & between systems operating with different communication protocols and data formats.
  • Reduces the necessity of manpower to monitor different types of data to improve the revenue & efficiency.
  • Adroit & the industrial experienced manpower to develop & deploy the most innovative technology.
  • Committed & devoted personnel to experiment the pertinent IoT application & development methods as per the requirement.

D. Security for Devices

  • Security is a high priority to establish the Internet ofSecure
    Use of multiple layers of protection is the driving principle for enterprise security.
  • Security is well addressed with installation of Industrial Automation and Critical Infrastructure devices.
  • The Internet of Things comprises of a wildly diverse range of device types from small to large, simple to complex, utility & industrial/manufacturing systems.
  • Critical functionality of the devices against catastrophic consequences addresses the security.
  • Building protection in the device itself provides a critical security layer.
  • Authenticate to multiple networks securely & ensure that data is available to multiple collectors.
  • Manage the contention & privacy concerns between the data access & multiple consumers.
    Provide strong authentication & data protection i.e., integrity & confidentiality that are not easily compromised.

E. Monitoring & Reporting

KernelSphere has its own tools to generate reports for Clients; we have expertise to use any existing tools of Client to create monitoring reports and generate report for customers. We help customers understand the report and help the client use the report for their benefits.

  • Over the coming years, enterprise and service provider networks will experience a tremendous uptick in the amount of data they handle. If the performance monitoring platform can’t intuitively and cost-effectively scale with this increase in data, the risk of creating a visibility gap over infrastructure is high.
  • Cloud service models offer customers varying levels of control over assets and services.
  • Performance monitoring platform is capable of reporting on the performance of cloud services.
  • Monitor sensor devices, smart devices, gateways, applications and highly dynamic cloud environments.
  • Aggregate information from millions of devices on pre-built dashboards and interactive world maps.
  • Get full insights into device and application performance, as well as user behavior, powered by AI.
  • Broad Network Access across a varying set of platforms or end user devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Resource Pooling to serve multiple consumers with a multi-tenant model.
  • Rapid Elasticity to provision and release the data to scale in a manner that’s commensurate with demand.
  • Measured Serviceas resource usage can be monitored, controlled and reported that provides transparency.

F. Database – Device Data

KernelSphere has expertise to understand IoT devices functioning for Various Sectors and has deep understanding of various clouds using different database. We are capable to understand and provide client Database, manage the database & provide backup of IoT database. KernelSphere has expertise in handling various Databases.

  • Growth in the diversity & number of devices embedded with connective technology of valuable IoT data.
  • Distinct structured data system together to examine data collectively is vitally important.
  • The data increases the efficiency by identifying exactly and analyzing the significant events.
  • Gain the defensible data wisdom to support arguments, counter opponents’ contentions and vastly improve chances for positive outcomes.
  • Device Data is a layer between the objects & devices generating the data and the applications accessing the data for analysis.
  • Communication, storage and process will be defining factors in IoT data management solution.
  • The demand for instantaneous data access continues to accelerate both for internal or external business use.
  • With Device Management for IoT, one can rapidly deploy multi-point IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.
  • The resulting timely & context-rich insights enable to make informed decisions and achieve key objectives such as improving operational efficiency, driving intelligent innovation & counteracting IoT-related security threats.
Database – Device Data

G. Analytics on Data, Analytics View

KernelSphere has Expertise in connecting all links like IoT, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning.

Analytics is what we deploy of IoT to collect Data as our expert team has deployed Artificial Intelligence on various IoT Data. We provide complete Machine learning deployment; Services & Reporting and help the client understand the results for their Business benefits.

  • Analytics of IoT data solution is a unique, customized methodology, process and suite of tools that powerfully leverages technology & connects the structured data.
  • IoT analytic applicationshelp companies understand the IoT data with an eye towards reducing maintenance costs and improving business operations.
  • IoT technology offers automated mechanisms to turn machine data into data warehouses or other big data platforms for analysis.
  • Increasing velocity of data from sensors, machines & other connected devices provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.
  • IoT Possibilities in terms ofdiversifying data sources enable analytics to be applied to new areas such as the monitoring of sensors attached to manufacturing devices.
  • Analyze devices, system & machine data and improve M2M communications by data management.
  • Predict customers’ behavior by running analytics on collected customer data.
  • Analytics is transforming the information to gain intelligence & capture untapped opportunities ahead of competitors.
  • IoT analytics data could change the business both by generating new revenue & reducing costs.
Analytics on Data - Analytics View

H. Application Development

KernelSphere is widely experienced in developing Applications for IOT as we deeply understand the sensor, PCB, Gateway and cloud. We have developed 15 applications for IoT so far with Tata Group and expertised to build application that adds value towards the product of the Customer and as well deploy Artificial Intelligence on Application for Analytics view to help client decision making, easier and smarter.

  • Prognostic models to enable prescriptive analysis of the data for taking the further best course of action.
  • Development & deployment of IoT applications are the major source of digital transformation.
  • Various IoT applications designed, developed & deployed effectively by the experienced expertise.
  • Effective implementation of IoT Applications improves operational efficiency.
  • IoT Applications enable the real-time monitoring of complex processes to spot anomalies, take automated action and reduce defect rates.
  • Successful accomplishment of IoT devices affects the necessary business insights to improve competence and grow revenue.
  • IoT Applications integrate the data through sensors to the systems and alerts for timely action on varied business requirements.
  • The IoT Applications monitor the data continuously of the connected devices as per the requirement and alerts for the next best action.