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IoT Technology : Smart Green House

Smart Green House for IoT - KernelSphere Technologies

IoT Technology: Smart Green House

Green house technologies are developed to grow plants in controlled conditions basically it is built in houses with glass or plastic in which plant will be grown. A smart green house involves automatic monitoring and controlling of environmental parameter which directly governs the plant grow

A smart green house intelligent monitoring system based on the internet of things (IoT) Technology uses multiple sensors like temperature sensor, light sensor, humidity sensor, and a moisture sensor.

Smart greenhouse is an important part of agriculture and horticulture sector of our country

Green House Agriculture - KernelSphere Technologies

Application of Green House in Agriculture Sector


Here we used wireless sensors to monitor soil temperature and moisture, greenhouse temperature and humidity, leaf wetness levels, solar radiation and rain levels. Through an IoT technology, we get a real-time data from these sensors which are used to modify crop maintenance and procedure regularly. As the result, we can easily save time as well as money.


Here we used RFID technologies for counting and tracking the animals, individuals, statistics from birth to sale which is becoming faster and easier.


Nowadays security is a big challenge for everyone. So IoT technology uses a different type of sensors to keep track or monitor your assets in the agricultural sector.

Water management

If the water reduces and transport cost increase then it will highly affect our agriculture sector. By automating monitoring system we can easily save water and used that water when it actually needed. We also monitor the purifier level of water which is most important for crop maintenance.

Smart  Green House for  Horticulture

Climate control under in greenhouse

Through the deferent types of sensor we can regularly monitoring temperature, light intensity, soil moisture etc. if any changes accuse in the climate then the information send to the link system which triggers alerts or automate process such as water, air control.

Logistics Coordination

Through GPS, RFID or other types of sensors we can track or monitor vegetables during transportation and storage. It is also useful for scheduling and adds further automation in the supply chain.

Food Safety

Food product and ingredients are monitoring and tagged via RFID for tracking and tracing sensor which increases the level of transparency and consumer confidence.

Crop Monitoring

Through the deferent type of sensor, we can easily monitor every centimeter of a field. The data collects from sensors is used to build information set to the maintenance of crops. Thus is easy to detect any diseases on crops and also detect the quality of the product.


The internet of things uses more accurate sensors which continuously monitor the condition of various parameters and take appropriate action, which increases the faster and easier economical growth of the individual as well as a country.


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