KernelSphere Technologies in association with Jusco has entered into a joint venture to lead the establishment of smart cities in India, and in this direction, Jamshedpur is going to be the first fully smart city. To roll out an IoT smart Ecosystem based on LoRa technology both the companies are working relentlessly. Tata Communication is supporting KernelSphere Technologies for all application development and integration of cloud platform in Jamshedpur.

Smart City – LoRa Wan Implementation by Tata Communication

KernelSphere Technologies is developing the first city in India to be completely covered by LoRa WAN. Tata Communications is implementing 30 LoRa gateways to provide a network for IoT devices in Jamshedpur. In this regard, Tata Communications is going to begin the LoRa network for Jamshedpur immediately and would provide telescopic view on commercials in the due course for an estimated 1.6 lakh devices.

What is LoRa WAN?

LoRa is an acronym for Long Range Radio. The main objective of this technology or the target network of this wireless technology is IoT networks. LoRa technology offers a perfect solution as it addresses huge demands pertaining to the increasing requirements of IoT end devices including low-power for battery operation, long-range connectivity requirements and low infrastructure cost for volume deployment. LoRa is the best solution for low-power consuming applications and battery operated sensors. In other words, LoRa technology fulfils the requirements of smart city by offering LoRa sensors and automated products and applications.

LoRa Infrastructure

LoRa Network

Why LoRa for Smart City?

The part of the spectrum LoRa uses less electromagnetic interference, and therefore, signals can span a long distance, even passing through buildings, with little power. This perfectly suits IoT devices with their limited battery capacities.

One of the problems with the existing wireless and mobile technologies until now is that they neither work for long time with battery powered devices (Wifi, mobile, ZigBee) nor do they cover wide areas / long distances (WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth). LoRa is the only radio technology for low power wide area networks, which is developed by an open consortium based on open standard protocols. LoRa technology offers long range reliability and scalability through extended battery life and streamlined implementation and by operating on a low power. LoRa provides advanced encryption for better security to ensure the protection of data.   It provides certified secure interoperability and certified secure network.

Jamshedpur - Smart application implemented by KernelSphere

  • Protects environmental health and promotes quality of urban environment with the real-time location and monitoring of waste containers
  • Notifies the fill level of the containers all the time and empties the container only when detected full
  • Maximizes waste recycling and reuse
  • Helps in data analytics and planning with centralized data collection
  • Reduces service cost by 50% by efficient monitoring and management of waste bins
  • Provides centralized dashboard and command control centre for waste collection and transportation
  • Helps in real time monitoring of the vehicles to improve the productivity and reduce non-compliance
  • Helps in efficient usage and route optimization of garbage trucks
  • Reduces fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary roundtrip of trucks
  • Sends SMS to the driver to notify them about when the bin is going to be filled
  • Offers 24/7 live bin level monitoring
  • Checks the bin details area wise and filled percentage wise with the dash board facility
  • Offers mobile app for smart bin
  • Provides real time filled levels of dust bin (height and %)
  • Alerts via SMS to the relevant persons of municipal department
  • Alarms via email or SMS for maximum or minimum fill
  • Connects directly with LoRa communications to cut the cost
  • Shows the parking slot availability all the time using the dashboard
  • Reduces searching time for the vacant slot
  • Provides efficient space utilization
  • Reduces supervision cost
  • Mobile app for car parking
  • LoRa WAN Enabled
Smart Parking
  • Notifies Chlorine, Ph and temperature level on smart phone and web application 24/7
  • Provides accurate sensors and reliable readings
  • Notifies the quantity of chloride when it is less or excess
  • Ensures easy monitoring of pool from anywhere
  • Prevents diseases due to excess chlorine
  • Reduces service cost and man power for maintenance
  • Placement of a well networked CCTV at most of the parks and museums.
  • Installation of a centralized monitoring system along with the proximity sensor’s report to be analyzed on daily basis
  • Implementation of CCTV camera and PR sensors including intruder alarm
  • Placement of CCTV camera to reduce the requirement of security guards
  • Placement of Intrusion detection system with a buzzer to prevent theft
  • A Centralized dashboard for monitoring
  • Water level of all the water tanks and reservoirs
  • Water quality of water tanks, flow of water in water treatment plants and water tanks
  • Dust bin level in web app/mobile app
  • Opening and closing of inlet and outlet valves of water tower
  • Data analytics that leads to better planning and efficient resource utilization
  • Helps in remote monitoring of energy meter
  • Reduces cost of man power for reading meters
  • Retrofitting of communication modem
  • Retrofitting of load disconnecting unit along with energy meter
  • Disconnects power supply remotely if bills are not paid
  • Ensures remote monitoring of water meter
  • Reduces cost of man power for reading meters
  • Disconnects water supply remotely if bills are not paid

Illustration of energy saving by using light sensors and auto timers

  • Ensures remote monitoring and control of street light unit
  • Ensures remote monitoring & control of energy load consumption
  • Helps in dimming of illumination during off peak hours
  • Achieves up to 85% energy savings by dimming and smart scheduling
  • Ensures the provision of right amount of light whenever needed
  • Turn ON = Sunset + 5 min
  • - Dimming 90% = 11:00 pm
  • - Dimming 80% = 12:00 pm
  • - Dimming 70% = 01:00 am
  • - Dimming 60% = 02:00 am
  • Turn off = Sunrise – 5 min
  • Gives live updates of water level of each tank
  • Ensures live quality monitoring of water tanks and water reservoir
  • Detects Motor’s fault by checking motor vibration, motor winding temperature
  • Minimizes manual intervention due to automated valve control
  • Provides data analytics to lead better planning
  • Saves water and electricity by 30 %
  • Reduces maintenance and labor cost
  • Ensures live monitoring of flow of water in water treatment plant
  • Auto chemical (chlorine) doping in water treatment plant
  • Ensures live monitoring of water level in water tanks
  • Automatically turns on and turns off the valves coming from water treatment plant to water tower
  • Sets time automatically for opening and closing the outlet valves going to consumer houses
  • Monitors water quality including chlorine, turbidity, PH level and conductivity
  • Makes water tower WI-FI enabled
  • Tracks 24X7 location information
  • Optimizes Routes
  • Alerts and nonfictions via SMS
  • Monitors vehicle’s speed
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces operation costs
  • Saves money on fuel
  • Controls work hours
  • Betters customer service
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Increases security
  • Improves dispatching
  • LoRa WAN and GPS antennas ensures receiving and transmitting accurate position of worker
  • Alerts and provides info via SMS/email
  • Ensures real time location and tracking of workers through smart wearable devices
  • Leads to better planning and efficient resource utilization by Data analytics
  • Helps improve work force efficiency
  • Helps reduce the supervision cost by 30%