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“Cloud technology is real & useful now. People are looking for cloud infrastructure. " - Alex Miller


Readiness Assessment

With expertise of KernelSphere Technologies, you can access and operate multi-servers without any additional skills or specialized systems.

Private cloud

With your private cloud you can get virtualization benefits like flexibility and capability of scaling up your resources.

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud Services helps in control and visibility into private. With our approach, one can protect sensitive information.

About Project

Cloud computing is part of almost every​ IT conversation, from strategic planning to tactical implementations. Organizations are mesmerized by the cloud’s promises of significantly improved business and IT agility and lower IT costs. The better an organization is able to aim, deploy, and execute its cloud strategy, the faster they will achieve their business objectives.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

This era is of Cloud. Security is big challenge when migrating data to cloud. Cloud Readiness Assessment helps in the development of a Cloud strategy for your organization, by providing a clear set of objectives and recommendations.

Cloud Readiness Assessment contains interactive consultations with stakeholders to fine business practices, goals and opportunities. In the competitive and dynamic business environment, for maximizing the utilization of your IT investments and meeting business demands, the expertise of kernel Technologies simplifies the cloud services.

With the experience and expertise of Kernel Technologies, you can access and operate multi-servers environment to scale, store and network without any additional skills or specialized systems.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Get true alienation of Cloud computing from the physical resources through the private cloud on demand solution. You have the flexibility of choosing your data centers through the web-based console of Kernelsphere. With your private cloud you can get the virtualization benefits like flexibility, cost effectiveness and the capability of scaling up your resources with the privacy of your hardware.

Salient features

  • Own your own virtual data center
  • Firewall protected
  • Isolated
  • Secure
  • Strong processing, storage, transfer and memory features.

A Hybrid Cloud Approach:

A hybrid cloud approach gives organizations the best of both of these models by providing the flexibility to put different workloads and data where it makes most sense — leveraging the right blend of public, private or local cloud services, while addressing data security, governance, compliance and budgetary challenges.

With the Kernelsphere’s platform, you can implement a hybrid cloud solution by bridging the public and private infrastructure. With this capacity, you can augment your efficiency and enhance your performance. The hybrid cloud strategy makes you grow, adapt and manage your infrastructure without compromising economy and security.

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud Services helps in control and visibility into private clouds and simplifies compliance. With a Secure Cloud approach, one can defend sensitive information from theft, unauthorized exposure, or unapproved geographic migration to other data centers.

If your requirement is to augment business agility and IT efficiency, Kernelsphere’s expertise and immaculate cloud computing services let you securely control and manage your IT infrastructure through amazingly simple integration to give much needed agility and IT efficiency to your  businesses. What are you waiting for? Kernelsphere offers you immense benefits of cloud computing.

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