Security Management Services


Security Management Services

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Companies nowadays adopt different strategies to protect data and ensure regulatory compliance. The main focus of such strategies is to focus on firewall protection, user authentication and adaptation of perimeter security tactics. Other strategies include limiting database access to a few persons through authentication. While both approaches provide some security, they don’t take into account the range of security vulnerabilities inherent in databases and today’s enterprises.

Kernelsphere’s professional and certified project managers have seen all the intricacies and complexities along with the security management issues while working on myriad projects ranging from small implementations to large system redesigns and are well aware of the fact that project management is an integral part of successful service delivery. It ensures expectations are clear for everyone involved and your project’s costs, schedule, and risks are managed proactively.

We adopt best strategies and follow regulatory compliance and best practices along with the ongoing monitoring and security reviews of your infrastructure to identify, evaluate, estimate, analyze and then ultimately fix such kind of weak spots proactively and thus help you gain enormously through such offerings and to make you pass complex audits providing you the best possible protection for your precious and valuable assets.

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  • Firewall protection
  • User authentication
  • System redesigns
  • Strategies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Alarm response
  • Security reviews
  • Threat detection
  • Assets protection