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The emergence of smart city is a boon for all and it is an amazing achievement for Internet of Things’ transformation as many different technologies are being clubbed together into a very big, multi-layered solution for the cause of the society and nations at large. KernelSphere being a prominent open-source platform is a part of this unique transformation.

KernelSphere’s IoT platform provides the necessary impetus to the smart city solutions with a keen focus on the diligent usage of facilities, amenities, road infrastructure and smart buildings. In this regard, KernelSphere’s IoT Platform helps integrate the device gateways, sensors, meters to be used for real-time monitoring of all sorts of processes including water consumption and supplies, gas emissions, electrical power distribution throughout the city, traffic load, and so on.

As far as smart city is concerned, IoT is going to add a new dimension to the urban style of living by marking new standards of class, comfort and urban lifestyle including safety solutions, efficient usage of natural resources with minimal wastage, efficient waste disposal systems, comfortable public transportation, etc.

The smart city offerings from KernelSphere include all the requirements of smart buildings and smart city, such as smart water and sewerage management systems, smart lighting – both domestic and street lights, smart waste containers, smart parking systems, automated traffic control systems with smart lights, etc.

The overall benefits of KernelSphere IoT Platform

KernelSphere has an open-source IoT platform that helps in rapid IoT implementation, based on product-ready components. These features help the device manufacturers and smart city integrators to develop their own automated & smart devices very quickly with utmost freedom with which they can customize and integrate them with any other systems.

What you can do with KernelSphere

Traffic Monitoring

Smart Parking

Pollution Monitoring

Energy Management

Smart Healthcare

Video Surveillance

Smart Retail

Smart Supply Chain

Smart City – A Community Driven Initiative Reconstructing  India

Smart Home based on Internet of Things have shown to work quite exceptionally with the help of appliances and devices that are connected to automate the processes. Such homes irrespective of the location and distance can be monitored and controlled by internet. The integrated systems that are automated to control and monitor the parameters like light, temperature, gas, motion by means of sensors – not only control and monitor the data but also set in place a process according to the requirement – for instance, switching on a fan when it gets warmer or a light when the room is dark.

You can’t take IoT for granted owing to the scope of work and automation it offers – in other words, the way things are done would change drastically with IoT even the way you manage your garden. Those who don’t have time to manage their gardens IoT can come to their rescue not only by offering timely work, support and help but also saving money and time. IoT devices help keep a track of environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, light and water levels. Plants provide necessary inputs pertaining to their unique water requirements – thus helping us to save water, time and money.

IoT is an inseparable term with the equipment and instruments that are concerned with security systems with some amazing sensing, detecting and prompting capabilities. IoT’s presence everywhere has made it to the gadgets that range from watches, mobiles to smart home appliances. For such devices and appliances, security has not been a concern so far, but now the trend has changed and the requirement is to establish secure things. Intrusion detection systems are designed to protect against enterprise specific threats.

With the arrival of Smart pound, the fish farming owners can have a sigh of relief as their deep concerns regarding the management and treatment of pounds can be resolved quite expeditiously. The smart pound system monitors the parameters associated with the pound including the water levels, quality of water, temperature, PH levels, oxygen levels, etc. The parameters are then uploaded to the cloud database – from where the owner of the farmland gets the alerts and updates. Thus, this IoT device is capable of solving huge concerns of the farming owners.